Share your work story.

Bring me into your space, tell me your story, and show me your passion. I will capture the hard work and the passion you have for your craft, so you can share it with your clients. What you do is extraordinary because of your process, hard work and care that goes into your product or service. That, I believe that brings value to your clients. My goal is to provide you the imagery you need to share a page, a chapter or the entire story behind your craft to pair with your blog post, social media strategy or website. 



Novice - $125
30 minute session
5 fully edited photos

Rising Star - $250
1 hour session
10 fully edited photos
Instagram & Facebook post featuring your business

Craft Master - $500
2 hour session
25 fully edited photos
Blog, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest post
featuring your business

Additional Digital Photos - $5 each
Travel Fee - $0.50/mile
(for locations further than 30 minutes outside of Grand Rapids, MI)


Your story is waiting to be shared.