Hi, My name is Anna!

I'm a born and raised Michigander currently living in Grand Rapids with my husband Danny, son Clark, my cat Basher and our Dog Ziggy. I've never met a cookie that I didn't like and coffee (like most mamas) fuels me. My family and friends are number one in my life because they have helped shape me into the woman I am today. We are not meant to do life alone! I believe in a big God who calls us to love Him and love others, period. I continue to pursue the art of love through prayer and transforming my heart and mind daily.

Photography is now my choice of creative work, but I went to college for graphic design. I recently changed directions from design to photography because it truly fills that creative space in my heart. My favorite part of photography is it's ability to show someone the value and beauty they reflect in who they are and what they do. Photos of ourselves allow us to see what an extraordinary life we all get to live and how truly valuable each day is. Being able to see yourself in your own story is more important then you think.

Allow me to show you the beauty, passion and creativity you have for what you do through my photography. 


— Anna Ink.